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Looking for skin care products without stabilizers & preservatives?

You cannot buy a fancy beauty potion that has been made without use of preservatives. If you do, you found it in a refrigerated section of your organic store and the shelf life of this product will be pretty short, as it should. If your product was sitting on the shelf and not in the fridge, it is not truly organic. It has harmful petrochemicals, stabilizers and other ingredients to keep it from spoiling. Natural preservatives like sugar, salt, ice and other do not always work for personal care products. So what can be done to keep beauty products stable and effective, yet maintaining long shelf life and remaining completely free of harmful chemicals?

Don’t add any, is what we think. Use plain, raw products that work without anything added to them. Katari formula is simple: 
1 effective product = 1 exceptional  ingredient.

Katari is a direct importer of raw, natural skin care products. The core of our business line is Argile Verte or Primordial Tunisian Green Clay, which is absolutely amazing for naturally maintaining healthy skin and hair. In addition, we carry rare oils and flower waters (hydrofoils) that can be mixed in with clay or used separately. We are not a middleman, which keeps prices low and our control over quality and selection of what we deliver high. We sell to exclusive spas and stores, as well as directly to consumers via our website.

We believe in natural ways of preserving beauty and stay away from miracle anti-aging treatments that do more damage in the long run. Each Katari clay, oil and hydrosol can be used separately or in various combinations to achieve great results in maintaining healthy skin and hair. Once you start using Katari products, you will never buy soap, make-up remover or expensive facial creams again. Why? Katari oils do not deplete skin natural oils, Katari clays do not strip layers of skin, or build up deposits that prevent cells from breathing and regenerating.  All that Katari products do is regulate and enhance natural skin cell production and rejuvenation through one effective ingredient at a time.

Latest Products

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Olive wood hand-carved mixing spoon
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Green Clay

Why use Katari skin care products?

Katari is simple – we offer proven and effective all-natural skin and hair care products that are easy to understand and use for individuals and beauty professionals. At Katari one product equals one ingredient. There are no chemicals, alcohol, preservatives or small font ingredients with long names to confuse you. All you get is in its natural and pure form, as it was meant to be. We specialize in a few products that we believe in and recommend for you to use. We take pride in providing the best quality and go far to get the best products to make your skin and hair look radiant, youthful and healthy.

What does Katari offer?

Katari has a highly specialized line of products for natural skin and hair care that can be used by men, women and children. Our 100% natural and hypoallergenic products last long without being preserved. Whether you are a busy professional, a stay home mom or a spa owner, you will find Katari clays, oils, waters and other products to be the best alternative to miracle overnight treatments. Our products actually work. We believe that taking care of your skin and hair is a process and we invite you to partake in a healthy skin and hair regiment. It will help you preserve your natural beauty longer and age naturally.

What is Katari?

Katari brings to you the best natural products and the wealth of knowledge about natural beauty secrets from around the globe. Our products do not contain petrochemicals or preservatives and have not been tested on animals. They have been, however, successfully used for thousands of years by people in Asia, Africa and Americas. You can take care of your skin and hair with simple natural products that don't break your bank. We import direct and do our best to help boost fair trade in hope of making lives better in all countries we work with. We aim to affect the world and environment only in the positive way.
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